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Standing Up For Medicare
Protecting Your Social Security
How We Fight for You
Vigilance is Our Best Weapon
  • Medicare is a deal with the American people made a long
    time ago. Our goal is to protect that promisefor you and
    for future generations. We've launched a national campaign
    to fight proposals to turn Medicare into a voucher system.
    Doing so would dramatically hike costs for seniors and pose
    serious risks to all Americans paying into Medicare today.

    Learn more about Medicare

  • Since AARP was founded 60 years ago, we've been fighting to protect and
    strengthen Social Security. You pay into Social Security, and you deserve to
    get the guaranteed lifetime benefits you've earned. We've successfully beat
    back Social Security privatization, and for the last decade, we've been fighting
    a proposal that would cut the yearly increase you get to keep up with your
    cost of living.

    Learn more about protecting your Social Security

  • AARP is a nonpartisan organization. Our 38 million members
    come from across the political spectrum. As an association that
    represents all those people equally, we never endorse
    candidates or contribute to their campaigns. And, we don't have
    a political action committee. What we do is fight to safeguard the
    health and financial security of our members and their families
    as we've been doing since we were founded 60 years ago.

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  • The AARP Fraud Watch Network is fighting to empower you to protect
    yourself from fraud and scams. By taking a few practical steps, you have the
    power to protect yourself and your family and stop fraud before it happens.
    We provide proven tools and resources right at your fingertipsfrom news
    articles, to fraud literacy quizzes, to a scam-tracking map that tells you
    about fraud in your community.

    Learn more about AARP Fraud Watch Network

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  • AARP Bulletin
  • Why Medicare Matters

    Our award-winning website provides information on a broad range of topics, including AARP's public policies, answers to financial planning questions, guidance on health and wellness, tips for coping with difficult life transitions, as well as opportunities to contact government officials and participate in discussion groups and online courses.

About Us

AARP is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to helping people ages 50 and older to improve their quality of life as they age. With over 38 million members and growing, we lead positive social change through our extensive product offerings and services.